Built on Strong Foundations

The foundations of Nonprofit Online are based on standard code and features that we have developed, proven, and enhanced since 2000.

This foundation comprises a set of standard utilities which are common to our primary product suite.

We have a wide range of modules across all of our suites. They continue to evolve based on client feedback. As modules evolve, modifications are automatically included into existing clients' applications as part of the service.

Our modules seamlessly integrate with each other when deployed together.

We have gained expertise in a number of different industries across the years, and have used this industry knowledge to create products by joining the standard utilities with the modules most appropriate to that industry. Products are created by configuring the set of core and optional modules to provide the most cost effective solutions for that industry.

Our current product list can be seen on our corporate website.

Internet Vision Technologies deploys Nonprofit Online using an industry standard "LAMP" technology platform to deliver reliable and cost effective business solutions:

  • Linux operating system;
  • Apache web server;
  • MySQL database; and
  • PHP programming language.