Nonprofit Online allows you to provide information on your website on how to leave a bequest to your nonprofit. This could be through information directly on the web page, or through downloadable documents. Encourage supporters by:

  • presenting the benefits of leaving a bequest to your nonprofit;
  • outlining the reasons for notifying you beforehand; and
  • supplying contact details for enquires.

Make it easy for them to by providing online methods to receive notifications that a supporter is leaving a bequest to your nonprofit in their will. The basic method is to create a custom online form on your website which will email a nominated person about the bequest. Nonprofit Online’s customisable contact flags may be used to indicate a supporter has notified you of a bequest, and to store related details.

Using the optional Surveys and Polls module to collect bequest details, you are able to automatically link the bequest details to the contact information. The Surveys and Polls module allows data about the bequests to be stored in a more structured format, allowing you to collate summary information about bequests made.

With information about the bequests captured, you can better understand those who have a deep connection with your cause and show your appreciation. You can create custom thank-you emails and marketing campaigns with this information. Using contact links, you can even link their details to their nominated Executor’s details.

You can also use the donation history of supporters to identify those who may be more open to leaving your organisation a bequest, and create custom marketing campaigns based on this information.