Client Support

Client Support

Whether clients need emergency or planned assistance, Nonprofit Online can help you manage the process. You can:

  • Create pages on your website describing assistance available and the process;
  • Publish related documents using the document management system.
  • Allow clients to submit assistance requests online, automatically linked to their contact details;
  • Review submitted requests online and approve successful applicants;
  • See a history of assistance granted; and
  • Track applications received versus granted to assist accountability.

Managing Social Isolation

Having a central website for connecting with clients can provide a powerful tool to manage social isolation. The optional Social Networking & Communities module in particular can help clients connect with others. This could be through sub communities that clients organise themselves – allowing them to discuss issues and even organise their own times to catch up. It could also include sub communities that you actively participate in too – including setting particular times when an expert like a counsellor could run discussions with community members.