Contact Directories

Publishing a directory of selected contacts can be a valuable service for your nonprofit, and can provide you with an additional revenue stream. In the past, this could add an additional management overhead for you to administer.

Using optional Directory modules within Nonprofit Online, you can easily publish directories for example:

  • To the public to communicate corporate sponsorships;
  • Restricted to your clients showing businesses to go to for support; or
  • Restricted to your volunteers to provide contact details for other volunteers.

Contacts can maintain their own listings in the directory. To ensure profiles stay up to date and relevant, profiles can be automatically archived if they haven’t been updated for a nominated time period.

The Directory provides rich search facilities to help users find the contact they’re after. This includes hierarchical segmentation variables (such as on product or service offered), and location representation using Google Maps. Search results can be presented in distance-based order, and can be restricted to a nominated distance from the postcode searched on.

Read the features page on the Directory Module for more details.