Monetary Donations

Managing donations can be a time consuming process for any nonprofit. Sorting mailed in donations, receiving phone donations, processing credit card transactions, banking cheques, sending tax-deductibility receipts – the list goes on.

The integrated payment functionality within Nonprofit Online makes accepting online donations easy.

  • Supporters can make donations themselves securely online

    • You don't have to view or store credit card details yourself.
    • Receipts are emailed automatically to the donor, including tax-deductibility receipts if needed.
    • You can even setup recurring donations – great for managing monthly sponsorships.
    • Administrators don't need to be involved in individual online donations.
    • Donations not made online can still be recorded.
  • Donation history easily accessed.
  • Create consolidated reports.
  • Received donations related to a particular project or appeal.
  • Complete transaction list is available for download so you don't need to reenter in your accounting software.

Donations of Goods

You can provide information on your website about the process for donating physical goods.

Clients can apply online to receive donated goods. You can then manage the approval of their application through your application.