Manage your Financial Transactions

The core Orders and Invoicing module acts as a central means of managing all financial transactions processed in the system. Whether it be a:

All payment details are stored centrally so you can obtain a full understanding of a contact’s financial interactions with you.

You don’t have to worry about capturing credit card details or managing bank account details yourself – they’re managed by your payment gateway provider, and we provide the mechanism to link through to it. Recurring transactions are available if needed.

The system also manages receipts, including automatic emailing of receipts to the purchaser.

You don’t need to intervene at all in individual transactions, but the whole transaction history is stored for easy reference should you need to refer to it.

Nonprofit Online is a Nonprofit Business Management System, not an Accounting System. Of course you don’t want to be re-entering data, so Nonprofit Online allows financial transaction details to be exported so they can be transferred to accounting packages such as MYOB or Quickbooks.

Read the features page the Orders and Invoicing module for more information.