Your existing supporters have shown they care. Whether a donor, volunteer, member, sponsor, or other supporter, they are open to your cause. Strengthening communication can help optimise your existing supporter base.

Imagine being able to send an email to everyone that donated to a particular appeal or that looked at your volunteering information last month with a click of a few buttons. And imagine being able to find out if they actually read the email!

With a fully integrated web application to manage your interactions, you have a real opportunity to know your contacts better. Nonprofit Online centralises all contact details in the one place, and tracks your interactions with them. You can customise your fields and assign multiple flags to contacts to understand who they are, what they’re interested in, and what their relationship with your organisation is. It also keeps track of what they do on your website.

You can easily target your marketing based on matching current contact details with their historical information. Send communication to those supporters and contacts you think will be most interested. You could:

  • Send to repeat donors that haven’t donated in over a year.
  • Send to contacts who’ve investigated volunteering but not yet proceeded.
  • Send to supporters who donated over $1,000 last year
  • …think of the possibilities…

Once segmented, you can use the contact list for a variety of marketing tasks including: