Fundraising Events

Planning events like fun runs and gala evenings can be a complex process. You need to create marketing information about the event, manage the registrations, send out invoices, process payments, make sure you don’t overbook, create name badges and record attendees. Depending on the event, you may need to allocate seating, book whole tables and manage session preferences. What’s more, you may have similar events running over and over again, or a series of related events running over a period of time.

Nonprofit Online makes managing events easier. It manages all the tasks above and more. See how we can help your event planning process.

Start Event Planning
  • Create a New Event, Copy an Existing Event, Import Many Events
  • Link events to create a course or program of events
Release Event
  • Create marketing material like the event flyer and speaker profile and store them online
  • Publish the event to an events area of your website
  • Announce the event on your home page
  • Include the event in the optional event calendar
Accept Registrations
  • Supporters can register online until the event is full
  • They can book for other people, and can make group or table bookings
  • They can record their session preferences
  • Invoices are created and payments made online
  • Supporters can see their event in their My Events area of your website
Event Logistics
  • Release additional material for attendees and the presenter
  • Updates are automatically emailed to attendees
  • Allocate sessions automatically
  • Allocate seating with drag-and-drop functionality, automatically keeping groups together
  • Print your customised name tags
After the Event
  • Record the attendees
  • Automatically update the training details for volunteers or staff
  • Release follow-up material to attendees
  • Automatically remove the event from the optional event calendar
  • Keep a permanent record of event attendees, related to the event category for future target marketing