Media Communication

The internet is a powerful tool that journalists use as part of their job everyday. To improve your chances of coverage by the media, you need to make it easy for them to find information relevant to them, without them having to wade through your whole website.

A great way to do this is to provide a “Media” or “Press” area on your Nonprofit Online website. You should think about what they may be looking for, and target material just for them.

Ideas for items to include in the Media or Press area include:

  • Contact details for your public relations representative;
  • Approved material such as logos and event photos for them to download;
  • Important facts about your organisation that they may be looking for;
  • A description of issues you stand for;
  • Key achievements and outcomes;
  • Press releases targeted at media contacts (different to news announcements for general contacts); and
  • Links to external sources such as newspaper reports that are positive about your organisation.

Remember – they’re looking for facts, not marketing material. The more direct you are, and the quicker they can find the information, the more likely they are to give your organisation the time of day.