Search Engines

As part of the implementation process, we submit your site to key search engines to make sure they know about you. The content you enter in the site will help determine how well it is ranked by the search engines. We provide tools to help the process along – like allowing you to provide meaningful names for the URLs and page titles, which are crucial elements in the search ranking.

Our analytics area helps you monitor how well your site is performing to better empower you to tweak your site appropriately.

Locating Information within your Site

With all the useful information you’ll have in your website, people will need help finding what’s most relevant to them.

  • A site map is automatically created and updated based on the content that you create.
  • Breadcrumb functionality is built into Nonprofit Online.
    • Breadcrumbs are those links at the top of screen that show the hierarchy the current page sits in.
    • You can choose whether or not to use breadcrumbs and can control what they say.
  • We automatically index all content within the site so that it can be located by the search engine, or by users searching within the site.
    • This even includes indexing PDF documents.
    • Of course, the search will only return content the user is authorised to see.