Social Networking

For Supporters

The more your supporters are engaged, the stronger your relationship becomes, and the better outcomes you achieve for your cause. Building a community of those who care:

  • helps engagement;
  • creates stronger connections; and
  • helps you understand what drives your supporters.

An extremely effective means of building community is social networking. This allows community building online to support your other strategies. It helps make connections directly between existing supporters, as well as encouraging potential supporters to start engaging about your cause which can encourage them to the next step.

It can be particularly effective in helping volunteers support each other.

For Clients

Having a central website for connecting with clients can provide a powerful tool to manage social isolation. The optional Social Networking & Communities module in particular can help clients connect with others. This could be through sub communities that clients organise themselves – allowing them to discuss issues and even organise their own times to catch up. It could also include sub communities that you actively participate in too – including setting particular times when an expert like a counsellor could run discussions with community members.

For Internal Stakeholders

Online social networking also be an effective way to allow internal stakeholders that don't have daily contact with other stakeholders to keep in contact and support each other. How about social networking for your field workers or board members?