Updating Web Content

Key factors in the success of your web strategy include:

  • how well you structure your website;
  • the quality of your content; the currency of your content; and
  • how responsive you are to changing information needs.

Having to rely on web developers to update your content greatly restricts your responsiveness and hence the success of your web strategy.

Nonprofit Online gives you the power to control your own website. You don’t need to understand web programming. Using a simple interface, you can edit and format content, and add or remove pages whenever you want. Once Nonprofit Online is up and running, it’s easy to update the content how you like.

To help you get started, after your Nonprofit Online application is installed, we workshop with you a structure for your website. We also engage a graphic designer to work with you to create a professional looking design. This ensures you get the benefits of:

  • a reliable underlying system;
  • integration with your business functions;
  • Clear branding and presentation on the web for your nonprofit organisation.

After that, it’s up to you. Update the content whenever you want and change the format. Make the most of the integrated features by adding items like News and RSS feeds to your web pages. Update your own terms and privacy policy. Add and delete categories and pages within each site section as you need, and attach files to the pages.

You can even add your own banner graphics and advertising to appear at the top of pages. Include features like random images on your home page, or use animated features or videos on any page. If down the track you find you have lots of videos, add the optional video gallery when you’re ready.