Website Tracking / Analytics

Knowing how your website is accessed and used is vital to ensure your website stays relevant and accessible.

Using Nonprofit Online’s dashboard, you can quickly see how well your website is doing, through a graphical interface.

  • Learn how many new and returning visitors you’re getting.
  • See what pages they’re accessing.
  • Detect where they’re coming from.
  • Find out what keyword searches people have used to get there.

Reports on key details are regularly emailed to you to ensure you keep current. You can also go and view the dashboard at any time and apply filters so you can analyse site usage further.

Once you have an understanding of how your site is being accessed and used, you can ensure you’re providing information that people are most interested in. This enables you to rearrange and reword high-priority areas that aren’t getting much traffic, and you can better target keyword searching and online advertising.