Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nonprofit Online a Website or a Management System?

The answer is both! As a hosted solution, Nonprofit Online is both a custom designed website and an online business system together in one integrated package. Administration staff have secure access to an easy-to-use interface, are supported with smart alerts and relieved of repetitive time-wasting tasks.
Contacts can self-manage their own details, view contact-only information, make donations, register to attend events, participate in online communities, and more.

What are the features of the Contacts Database?

The Contacts Database tracks all system actions conducted by a contact including purchasing history, membership status, event and conference attendance, training, contact and company details.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts that the system can handle?

No, the Nonprofit Online software can handle an unlimited number of contacts

Can I import existing contact data?

Yes, you are able to import contact data as a single TSV file into the Nonprofit Online system.

Can I export sales data to my accounting software?

Yes, you are able to export sales data (all purchases including memberships and event registrations) to either a spreadsheet, MYOB or QuickBooks file.

What payment options can the application cater for?

Payment options include Cheque, EFT, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Purchase Order or Paypal.

Can I customise the emails that are sent to contacts?

Yes, all emails in the Nonprofit Online system can be customised to suit your nonprofit. Using placeholders, you are able to personalise emails for your individual contacts.

Does the Nonprofit Online system warn members that their memberships are nearing expiry?

Yes, the Nonprofit Online system automatically sends reminder emails to members to renew their memberships.

Will I need to pay for updates as new versions of the software are released?

No, the monthly fee covers regular updates to the software

Will I need any support or external software or systems to use the Nonprofit Online software?

No, everything you need to run the nonprofit's web site is included in the standard package with the exception of accounting software such as MYOB or QuickBooks.

Does the cost of the Nonprofit Online package include website design fees?

Yes, IVT includes custom design for your nonprofit. IVT can also deploy designs prepared by third party designers.