eMarketing Module

Email Creation

  • Send bulk emails.
  • Use pre-defined templates, or your own design.
  • Basic email template customisation for you nonprofit included as part of your implementation project.
  • Automatically personalise communications for the recipient.
  • Schedule email sending for a later date.


  • Send to all your contacts, or target market particular segments.
  • Check which people have opened each email and which haven't.
  • Provide an automated subscription and unsubscription process
  • Include a random security code as part of the signup process.
  • Automated password resets.
  • Allow automatic assignment to access groups as part of subscription process.
  • Send an automatic welcome email after sign-up.


  • Generate overall delivery and readership details and graph.
  • Compare results across time.
  • Discover which articles were popular.
  • Find out which emails bounced.