Directory Module

The optional Directory Module allows you to publish a directory of contacts on your website. A seperate Directory Module is needed for each directory you want to publish.

  • Public or restricted access to each directory.
  • Individual or organisational details
    • Restrict listings to a particular support type.
    • Optional fees for appearing in the directory.
    • Publishes selected details from the Contacts Database.
    • You have control over the format for how listed profiles appear in the directory.
    • Allows directory members to update their own details.
    • Automatically archive profiles that haven't been updated for a nominated time period, with prior notification.
  • Provide updates to directory members on:
    • How often they've been listed in search results.
    • How often their profile has been viewed.
    • How many enquiries have resulted from the search.
  • Rich search capabilities on the Directory
    • Hierarchical segmentation variables.
    • Location search.
    • Representation using Google Maps.
    • Presentation of results in distance-based order.
    • Restrict results to a nominated distance from the postcode searched on.
  • Integrated reports
    • Monitor the types of searches performed.
    • See which profiles are being viewed, and how frequently.