Document Manager Module

Nonprofit Online includes an inbuilt document management system. This allows you to store your nonprofit's documents and other files securely up on your website.

  • You can define the directory structure, including multiple levels of subdirectories
  • Apply read, write and approval access to groups at a directory or document level
  • Have permissions flow through to subdirectories
  • Assign individual responsibility for a particular document
  • Document version history stored
  • Version comments
  • Choose to publish or not publish a document
  • Publish a read only version of the document
  • Set an automatic expiry date for the published document
  • Link to the document from public or restricted pages on your website
  • Link will only display to authorised users
  • Link will be removed after the expiry date
  • Link will always take the user to the current version of the document.
  • Document search capability
  • Document download history
  • Automatic email notification about downloads
  • Expiry and approval reminders