Event Management Module

The Event Management module is useful for running both supporter and client events. Features of the Event Management module include:

  • Create a New Event, Copy an Existing Event, Import Many Events
  • Link events to create a course or program of events
  • Publish the event to an events area of your website
  • Include the event in the optional event calendar
  • Supporters or clients can register online until the event is full
  • They can book for other people, and can make group or table bookings
  • They can record their session preferences
  • Invoices are created and payments made, based on the correct pricing for their supporter type
  • Attendees can see their event in the "My Events" area in their Supporters Portal
  • Updates are automatically emailed to attendees
  • Allocate sessions automatically
  • Allocate seating with drag-and-drop functionality, automatically keeping groups together
  • Print your customised name tags
  • Record the attendees
  • Automatically remove the event from the optional event calendar
  • Keep a permanent record of event attendees for future target marketing