News & RSS Module

News Articles

Individual news articles can be created and published in a news area. Your home page can include a display for either random or most recent news.

News article features include:

  • Article title
  • Priority ordering
  • Article teaser
  • Article summary
  • Main article detail
  • Interest tags
  • Image to associate with article
  • Upload attachments related to the article
  • Start and finish publishing dates
  • Allow comments to be added to each news item
  • Easily see the number of times an article has been viewed, and how many comments have been added

RSS or Syndicated News

The use of RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is an efficient way of publishing news about a specific sector, industry or field of interest.

  • Access news feeds from external sources and publish them on your website
  • Set a limit to the number of words to display from the feed
  • Provide filters over the source you are accessing data from
  • Set a schedule for how frequently the news feed is updated (e.g. based on minutes, hours, days, weeks or a month)