Supporter Admin

The supporter administration area allows you to manage and monitor the interactions with your supporters, clients, and other external contacts.

Define Supporter Types

  • Setup your supporter categories and types.
  • Apply to individual or organisational supporters
  • Allow multiple people to be assigned to organisational memberships
  • Set standard length of validity (e.g. 12 months membership, lifetime donations)
  • Allow different renewal periods for expiring types
  • Include chargeable supporter types
  • Set maximum numbers for a supporter type
  • Set different access levels per supporter type
  • Configure sign-up process and forms
  • Configure personalised, automatic emails based on defined events.

Monitor Individual Supporters

  • Review and update their details
  • Review and update their supporter types (they could have more than one type e.g. a donor and a volunteer)
  • Update expiry dates for a particular supporter type
  • Add notes about the supporter
  • See history of their support

Manage Overall Supporters

  • Search for supporters on supporter type, support status and role
  • Export supporter details and support type information
  • Generate graphical or detailed reports for supporter memberships
    • Number of memberships by type (Filter by date and status)
    • Current memberships by type (Filter by date and status)
    • Memberships by state or type (Filter by date, status, state and membership type)
  • Export reports as PDF
  • Schedule expiry emails
  • Review automated email logs
  • Bulk import of supporter details