Surveys & Polls Module

Quick Polls

Quick polls allow you to publish a simple question and answer set to your website, and provide availability of results.


Surveys provide you with the tools to create formal surveys. As well as the standard selection fields and text entry type questions available on regular Forms, surveys include:

  • Additional question types
    • Points distribution questions;
    • Sliding scale questions;
    • Random answer order to remove positional bias;
    • Grouping of questions.
  • Survey usability
    • Index and progress displays for multi-page surveys;
    • Allowing saving for later completion;
    • Control if the contact can complete the survey more than once;
    • Set a time limit for completion of the survey;
    • Show a summary of answers to the contact after completion;
    • Show a test score after completion if relevant;
    • Generate a PDF of results.
  • Providing surveys
    • Allow self-registration for surveys;
    • Target surveys to particular contacts;
    • Email survey with link to targeted contacts;
    • Send reminders if the survey isn't completed by the targeted contact;
    • Provide a user-specific pathway in the survey;
    • List of incomplete surveys for a user;
    • Create a series of surveys to be completed in order;
    • Release for a restricted date range.
  • Reporting
    • Completion statistics for all surveys;
    • Reviewing answers for a particular survey;
    • Viewing users that have completed a particular survey.