Training Module

Nonprofit Online makes it easy to track training for your staff, volunteers, and clients. It manages the ongoing cycle of training requirements and achievements.

  • Setup training categories
  • Define a points system
    • Different points can be assigned to each training category
  • Create training goals
    • Multiple goals can be set
    • Each contact type can be allocated different goals
  • Record points
    • Automatically update based on attendance at an event
    • Manual updates by trainee or administrator
    • Optional verification of trainee entered points
  • Track progress
    • Volunteers and clients can track their own progress through the "My Training" area in the Supporters Portal.
    • Administrators can track an individual contact's progress towards a goal
    • Perform audits on selected or random contacts for all or some activities.
    • Perform queries to obtain a broader overview of activities undertaken and points earned.