IVT Products Background

Internet Vision Technologies

Internet Vision Technologies (IVT) is a web software company based in Croydon.

We deliver integrated online business systems. IVT was formed in 2000 but our roots extend right back to 1994 when we were known as Mission Internet, making us one of the oldest specialist web development companies in the world.

Products Background

We have a wide range of software modules which seamlessly integrate to create interactive web applications, run solely through a browser. This allows internal administrators to run the business using a reliable solution, with "any time, any where" access. At the same time, external stakeholders interact directly with the system through the company's website, with a user interface designed specifically for that organisation.

As modules evolve, modifications are automatically included into existing clients' applications as part of the service. We have a program of constantly improving our software, releasing updates daily under tight quality control.

We have gained expertise in a number of different industries across the years, and have used this industry knowledge to create products by joining a set of standard utilities with the modules most appropriate to that industry. Products are created by configuring the set of core and optional modules to provide the most cost effective solutions for that industry.

Our core product suite includes:

  • Nonprofit Online® – manages Australian nonprofits online;
  • Association Online® – manages professional associations online;
  • Tourism Alive® – helps promote tourism in local communities with interactive technologies; and
  • Enterprise eCommerce – allows any size business to provide an online store or catalogue.