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Issues facing Australia's Nonprofit Sector

There are approximately 600,000 nonprofit organisations in Australia, many of which have not yet embraced the web for fundraising. According to the report "What do Australia's nonprofits really want" by Connecting Up Australia:

  • Only 27 percent of nonprofits sell goods and services online;
  • As little as 22 percent of nonprofits use the Internet for fundraising;
  • Technology is still challenging for many organisations, particularly lack of support in regional areas;
  • Nonprofits need to view supporters as potential customers, and market their cause;
  • Low productivity and/or high staff turnover are caused by staff doing extensive hours due to lack of funding. This results in poor outcomes for beneficiaries.
  • Volunteer recruitment and management requires a lot more support.
  • Competitive tendering for government funding has reduced collaboration and networking;
  • Organisations struggle to know how to find out what they need to know; and
  • Senior managers want more peer/mentoring/networking support.

How Internet Vision Technolgies is Helping our Nonprofits

At Internet Vision Technologies, we seek to improve the business processes of Australian nonprofits, help strengthen the giving process in Australia, and facilate peer support in the nonprofit sector. We've taken a two pronged approach to achieve these outcomes:

  • Created Nonprofit Online - Nonprofit Business Management software run through the internet; and
  • Creating an online community to foster peer support between our nonprofit clients.

Media Contacts:

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  • Lloyd Grosse, Business Development and PR, Phone: 0406 733 501 | Email:

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